Amna Riaz Pakistan’s First Female Youtuber with 3.5 Million Subscribers

    In today’s era, YouTube has become one of the most watched entertaining and educational social media platforms all around the world. In each hour, hundreds of videos are being uploaded to the platform and the content creators have viewers hooked.

    Many YouTubers don’t consider their channel as a hobby. It is a full-time profession and a way of earning as well. Moreover, there are a number of famous Pakistani YouTubers who provide a pool of content and have their subscribers in millions. They are doing an outstanding job to gain the attention of their audience in the form of subscribers.

    A success story, Amna Riaz, seems like a girl-next-door, but has now become the first Pakistani female YouTuber with 3.5 million followers. Yes, you read that right ! This lifestyle blogger posts videos of various authentic recipes and truly shows her passion for cooking with easy- to make dishes.

    She focuses on creating and posting recipe videos that are simple and can be cooked with the ingredients easily available in the market.

    Her channel primarily focuses on Pakistani cuisine but sometimes she also posts recipes from other cuisines as well. With more than 3.2 million Subscribers, Kitchen with Amna is one of the Top YouTube channels in Pakistan.

    Check out her YouTube Channel below!

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