Popular Muslim Baby Girl & Boy Names with Meanings 2020

    In the Islamic religion it is significant to choose names that are virtuous and pious in meaning, because it is believed every Muslim will be called by their names on the Day of Judgement. Therefore it is pertinent for the name to have a spiritual meaning and no offensive or evil connotations attached to it.

    Muslims span almost all over the world; from US and Canada to Singapore and Indonesia, from Turkey to Russia and even South Africa. It is no surprise that Muslim names all across the globe, be it similar in meaning, are spelled and pronounced differently by people belonging to these different ethnicity and countries.

    Muslim names can be found in Urdu, Persian, Turkish, and even English. Every baby is unique and so is their name for their parents. For instance the name Ayesha can be spelled like Aisha, Aicha, Aixa and similarly, Yousuf, can be spelled as Yousef, Yusuf, etc.

    To make your lives easier, we have compiled a list of 40 beautiful Muslim baby names with meaning, totally deserving of your little one.

    Here is a list of 30 Muslim Baby Girl names with Meanings:

    1. Aa’idah

    Name of a “narrator of hadith”- way of life and practices of the prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

    2. Aaliya

    A popular name in recent times representing “a high social stature or standing”

    3. Amal

    “Hopes and aspirations”

    4. Amira

    The meaning of the name is “Imperial”

    5. Amaya

    “Night rain”

    6. Anya


    7. Azka

    Means “Pious” or someone who is Pure.

    8. Baseema

    A girl who is always “Smiling”

    9. Durrah

    “Large pearl”

    10. Durriya

    Sparkling – someone who is always shining

    11. Ezza

    “Honor, respect”

    12. Fairoz


    13. Falisha


    14. Falak

    “The beautiful sky that glows with her light”

    15. Fatima

    The Prophet’s daughter

    16. Farah

    “A beautiful Sunset”

    17. Hannah


    18. Haaniya

    “The gift of simple happiness in our lives”

    19. Hiba

    “A Gift”

    20. Ilham


    21. Imani


    22. Inaya

    “The Gift of Allah”

    23. Isra

    “Journey by night”

    24. Jannat

    Another popular Muslim name referencing “the paradise”

    25. Masooma


    26. Mehr

    “Full moon”

    27. Zaynab

    “Fragrant flower”

    28. Zohra

    “Jewels in the sky”

    29. Zoya

    “Alive, loving and caring”

    30. Zara

    “The resplendent nature of a flower”

    Here is a list of 20 Muslim Baby boy names with meanings:

    For Muslims, names are are reflection of the person’s life ahead; their deeds, future and personality and therefore holds immense importance.

    1. Ayaan

    “God’s gift”

    2. Aadil

    “Just and Upright”

    3. Aahil


    4. Aalam


    5. Aalee

    “Sublime and high”

    6. Aalim

    “Religious Scholar”

    7. Aamir

    “Someone who is civilised”

    8. Aaqil


    9. Aarif

    “Knowing and aware”

    10. Aariz

    “A Respectable man”

    11. Aasim

    “A Person who keeps away from sins”

    12. Aatif

    Someone who is kind and affectionate

    13. Aban

    Someone who is “Eloquent and Distinct”

    14. Abbas

    “Description of a lion”

    15. Abbud

    “The worshipper of Allah”

    16. Aalee

    “Sublime and high”

    17. Ahad

    “The one and only”

    18. Ahmad

    “Most highly adored and praised”

    19. Ahnaf

    “name of the narrators of hadith”

    20. As’ad


    21. Arsalan

    “The one who is fearless”

    22. Baasim


    23. Daniyal


    24. Darim

    Name of a narrator of hadith.

    25. Daud, Dawud

    Beloved; a Prophets name (David)

    26. Dawid


    27. Dayyan

    “A mighty Ruler”

    28. Fattah

    “One who attains victory”

    29. Fawad


    30. Fawwaz

    “Most successful”

    31. Fawzan


    32. Fawzi

    “To do with success”

    33. Fayaaz

    “Kind & Generous; Gracious”

    34. Fayd


    35. Fayek

    “Surpassing, excellent, superior, outstanding”

    34. Ihab


    35. Ihsan

    “Kindness, beneficence; highest level of Iman”

    36. Ihtiram

    “Honour, hold in honour”

    37. Ihtisham

    “Modesty & decency”

    38. Ihtsham


    39. Ilan

    “Good person”

    40. Mohid

    “The one who believes in oneness of Allah Almighty”

    41. Mohsin

    “Helper, attractive”

    42. Musad

    “Unfettered camel; favored by fortune- lucky”

    43. Musaddiq

    “One who confirms or verifies another”

    44. Musaid

    Helper, supporter

    45. Museeb

    “Apple in persian- also means great warrior.”

    46. Zayd

    “Increase, growth, abundance”

    47. Zaidan

    “Growth and Progress”

    48. Zain

    “Friend, beloved”

    49. Zaafir


    50. Zohran

    “The sun”

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