Best Burgers in Karachi You Need To Try NOW!!

    Burgers are ‘royalty’ of fast food category and the ‘king’ of sandwhiches. From McDonald’s, KFC and Mr Burger, Pakistani fast food joints have clearly come a long way with delicious burger joints occupying the eating space. Here is our top pick of burgers that are a must-try for every food enthusiast. And when we say burgers, we mean delicious, juicy, impeccable in taste, BEEF burgers.

    These burgers are the best of K-TOWN and you MUST try if you haven’t already!

    1. Double Cheese Burger – Juicy Lucy

    The cheese filled meat monster is a well-marinated, juicy yet tender beef patty thickened with quality Gouda cheese! Paired with the rocket and special JL house sauce, the Double Cheese Burger is one of Juicy Lucy’s classics and an easy pick! So if you’re going there for the first time and can’t decide what to order, just pick this one and you won’t regret it!

    With most of their burgers over 600 rs. they seem a bit pricey, but trust us when we say, they are totally worth the money.

    Damage to Pocket: 720 Rs.

    2. Gourmet Swiss Mushroom Melt – Oh My Grill

    A 250 Grams Beef Patty, seasoned with delicious swiss cheese, sautéed onions, sautéed mushrooms, topped with BBQ Sauce and the sumptuous OMG secret sauce on a Toasted Bun, this one will appeal to all the beef and mushroom lovers out there!

    This easy on the pocket scrumptious burger is only available in ground beef patty and not chicken.

    Damage to Pocket: 550 Rs.

    3. Rebellion – The Sauce

    If you have got a big appetite and are looking for a burger to really fill up your belly, this heavy beef burger called the Rebellion at the Sauce is just what you need! A thick beef patty paired with turkey beacon and yummy Gouda cheese, this one is a challenge to finish. Their palpable secret sauce is like cherry to cake!

    Damage to Pocket: 490 Rs.

    Easy on the pocket, and massive in portion size, this one is true value for money.

    4. Burger O’Clock – Messy Meat

    Home to delicious gourmet burgers, Burger O’clock is a modern restaurant that is a delight for passionate burger enthusiasts. Messy Meat Burger is a premium burger rich in cheese and heavy, ground beef patty.


    Smeared with delicious nacho cheese, Mayo sauce and ice berg, the onion rings, pickles and jalapenos add the much needed tanginess, giving a flavourful kick to your palate.

    Damage to Pocket: 559 Rs.

    5. The Melt Burger – The Melt

    The Melt Burger contains around 200 grams of double signature Angus and Wagyu beef, wrapped in a turkey strip, grilled and filled with delicious, melted cheddar cheese, jalapeno mix, and pickles. The secret Melt sauce on a toasted bun, paired with fresh lettuce, tomatoes and onions, makes it a treat for big eaters who love to truly enjoy a juicy burger.

    If you’re craving for something rich in taste and heavy to finish, or you’ve a big appetite, this is the burger you need.

    Damage to Pocket: 699 Rs.

    Which of these have you tried and is your favourite? Let us know in the comments below.

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