Here’s what Makes realme C25s the Best Phone in the 20K Price Bracket

    Affordability – that’s the key aspect every smartphone brand is gunning for in 2021. With consumers being more aware of the options available to them in a fiercely competitive industry, affordability is what drives their preference. So, realme introduced a device, realme C25s that sits well in the affordable price bracket and yet offers the best quality and features that consumers are looking for.

    Here’s a list of key reasons why realme C25s is the best buy in the PKR 20K price range:


    The performance of a powerhouse is what realme C25s promises right from the start. It’s fitted with a MediaTek Helio G85 Gaming Processor that makes gaming an exhilarating experience. Since gaming is all about crisp graphics and no lag, Helio G85 keeps the fun running and doesn’t let you get bored with lag-free and super smooth gameplay.


    So, gaming can be addictive and one doesn’t want the fun to end. To cover that up, realme C25s comes with a 6,000mAh mega battery that gives you a good two day-run on a single charge. So, indulge in all the gaming and fun stuff on social media apps with a battery that doesn’t tire. And if it runs out, then the 18W Quick Charge fuels it back up superfast.


    Now what’s a camera that is affordable yet doesn’t take good photos? That’s a problem you’ll never face with realme C25s. It’s 48MP AI Triple Camera is a photography experience like none other in its price bracket – crisp, well defined, bright images that can tickle the photographic senses in you. It takes great photos in dimly lit situations, so all the indoor night hangouts can create great memories with the realme C25s.


    You’re into gaming or spending time gorging on video streams on different apps – but what’s that one thing that keeps you engaged? The phone’s display. It has to be picturesque and large, else the experience isn’t fully immersive. With realme C25s, you get a 6.5-inch screen space that a lot to handle. It captures your most vivid imaginations while socializing, or keeps you hooked during your favourite gameplay. It’s a wide field of view allowing for pretty less noise and visual disturbance.

    Well, that’s not it. The phone is packed with a bundle of other features such as an 8MP Selfie Camera, Instant Fingerprint Sensor and comes in colours such as Water Blue and Water Grey that will surely entice you to grab one for yourself. But, all of the features are endorsed with the TUV Rheinland High Reliability Certification making it a true marvel of quality just for PKR 22,999/-

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