Humaima Malick Breaks Silence About Her Marriage Plans

    Last year, there was a rumor that the Raja Natwarlal actress Humaima Malick secretly tied the knot with a guy called Akbar and her fans were all curious to know about the details.

    It all started when the diva shared a few pictures with a guy and also performed Umrah with him. A number of netizens started assuming that she had secretly got married as a woman needs mehram to perform Umrah.

    However, the actress decided to keep mum over the rumor and never really talked about it.

    Recently, the actress appeared in an interview at Ahsan Khan’s show with her sister Dua Malick where she was asked about her marriage plans.

    She replied:

    I want a nice person. He must have a white complexion, tall, nice man, and must be rich. He must be wearing a blue dress and have blue eyes.

    Moreover, her sister Dua Malick also shared her sister’s plans and said:

    “Every time there is a new story. She calls me at midnight and says, ‘I want a sorted person in my life’. ‘I want one son and if I had a daughter it’s fine too.

    Humaima Malick continued by saying:

    I don’t want a daughter because I think its a huge responsibility. I know the daughter is a blessing. I am so possessive for my sister even and if I had a daughter I won’t leave her. I know this about myself.”

    She concluded by saying:

    “I want a person who is like my father who supports me like my father always respected me and my mother. I want a person who respects everyone and keeping my journey and history in mind he must help me to build up emotionally and mentally,” she said.

    Watch her interview below!

    The Bol actress was previously married to a renowned Pakistani actor Shamoon Abbasi in 2010. Unfortunately, their relationship only lasted two years and they decided to part their ways in 2012.

    Last year, Humaima Malick also shared the struggle she went through during her marriage with Shamoon Khan and it was totally heart-breaking.

    She revealed that she was in an abusive relationship with Shamoon Khan and wrote:

    I am shameful of my self today i didn’t do anything for my self 3 years of an abusive marriage, another abusive relationship and it repeated again. While i was working making a good life for my self and my entire family i have been threatened, abused and beaten to death not once but many times i am not scared anymore i am now shameful of silence.

    Well, we only wish for the best for Humaima Malick and can’t wait to see her as a bride again!

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