Pakistani Celebrities Who Refused To Endorse Fairness Creams

    It is so heart-breaking to see that even in 2020, many Pakistani are still obsessed with fair skin and treat other people on the basis of their complexion. Due to this obsession, this country has become the perfect market for companies that sell fairness products.

    However, it is even shocking that a number of famous celebrities also agree to endorse such products and are we think that they are kind of promoting racism in the country.

    Luckily, there are also a number of actors as well who publicly deny promoting such brands and encouraging young girls to be comfortable on their own skin.

    Last weekend, BBC’s journalist Haroon Rashid took to his Twitter account and asked which Bollywood and Pakistani artist had never endorsed a fairness product. A number of actresses came forward to condemn fairness creams and said that they will never propagate such racist movements.

    The gorgeous Mahira Khan commented that she has been refusing to endorse such brands ever since she was a VJ.

    She commented:

    Been refusing ever since I was a VJ till now. Never endorsed a skin lightening product.

    Coke Studio singer Momina Mustehsan retweeted the post and shared that celebrities have the power to change the mindset of colorism in our society.

    She wrote:

    Same here 🙋🏻‍♀️ Always turned down all fairness product endorsements. The amount of melanin in your skin has nothing to do with how beautiful you are.

    If we ALL responsibly refuse whitening endorsements, it might cause a shift in the market. We have the power to change the narrative

    Read her tweet below!

    The Bulbulay actress Ayesha Omar, who also has a huge fan following around the world, also commented that she has a great stance against it.

    She replied:

    Me! 🙋🏻‍♀️ been refusing offers to endorse various skin whitening products since 12 years. Have a very strong stance against it.\

    And let’s not forget about our dusky beauty Sanam Saeed who has been talking against such brands for very long.

    She also commented:

    It is great to see that there are some responsible celebrities as well who understand that endorsing such brands will only deepen racism and hatred within the country.

    We really hope that one day, this obsession of white skin will go away and every girl will understand that beauty has nothing to with the color of the skin.

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