Apple launches Arcade gaming platform with $5 monthly subscription

    Apple announced at the annual conference, on Tuesday, the launch of the service broadcasting games Apple Arcade which was announced early during its event in March.

    Apple said: The service (Apple Arcade) provides games can not be found on any other platform or subscription service on mobile devices. The service will be part of the App Store in a new tab.

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    Apple has promised to add new games every month, and the service tab will include recommendations, game thrills, as well as for instructions for the games, and preliminary reviews.

    During the conference, Apple displayed a number of games coming to (Apple Arcade) on iPads.

    It said it was working with dozens of game makers to provide their games on the service, which will be launched from September 19 in 150 countries.

    The service will include 100 games upon launch, for $ 4.99 per month for a family subscription, and there is a free trial month.

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    Tuesday evening, the live broadcast of Apple’s annual conference, which announced the latest products.

    For the first time this year, the Apple conference will be broadcast on YouTube, where Apple seeks to reach the largest segment of viewers around the world to market its products.

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