Sindh Government has issued ‘Heat Wave RED Alert’ for next 96 hours in Karachi

    Karachi is expected to experience a mild heatwave, Temperature expected to remain in the range between 40 to 42 °C with 60 to 70% humidity – Hospitals on alert for heatwave in Sindh province. Department suggests that emergency be implemented 24/7 in all Sindh hospitals.

    Mean temperature will be between 50.1 to 55.5 °C. Please drink 8-9 liters of water a day, Avoid going out in open sun from 9AM – 4 PM.

    We can all recall what had happened in 2015 due to heat-wave. After four years the phase is back where the people of Karachi needs to be taken serious precautions for themselves to prevent from the heat-wave. The last time it happened, it left the citizens of Karachi entirely drained as the mercury touched 44C in scale.

    Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) has issued a warning for heat-wave in the city of Karachi and its connecting regions. The weather will be extremely dry and hot which is likely to prevail till Saturday. As the mercury may touch 42 to 43 C in these three days.

    Sea breeze is likely to cut off and hot dry wind will blow from north and northwest. The low pressure in the Arabian Sea hampers routine sea breeze to the city during the heat wave.
    The citizens are advised to seek the shelters and keep their self hydrated. Try to avoid going outside unnecessarily and drink water as much as they can.

    Weather has remained dry and hot for the past 24 hours in the whole country. The maximum temperature recorded were in places like Shaheed Benazirabad, Jacobabad, Moenjodaro, Chhor, R.Y. Khan, Rohri, Mithi & Larkana (44°C).

    The Head of the Emergency Department at Karachi’s Jinnah Hospital Dr Seemi Jamali advised to citizens to seek shelter between 11p.m to 4p.m. try wearing light clothes”.
    She further recommended to use wet towels on head if working outside”.

    The authorities are making sure that we are prepared for any circumstances.

    A senior doctor from Jinnah hospital stated that “all the essential arrangements have been made for the heat-wave situations. A ward has been prepared specifically for the heat-wave patients with additional 50 beds apart from 150 beds of emergency ward. Sufficient supply of water will be provided for the people during the time.

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